The best tools, plugins and APIs to create niche job boards

The best job board tools plugins APIs

The best job board tools plugins APIsIn this article we will give you a complete overview over the best tools, plugins and APIs to create niche job boards. We will show you which software solutions are on the market and what they cost. Also you can learn how to monetize your job board and how to choose a niche to become more successful.

There’s constantly a great demand for work because people will always try to find a better place to work, which suggests job boards will constantly remain in need. A job board is a web site where applicants can post their résumés and firms searching for staff members can publish job offers. Seems simple enough, right? Well, as with many basic points, it’s a little bit more challenging when it comes to carrying out the suggestion in a software application.

A job board site is really comparable to a peer-to-peer marketplace – a website where individuals exchange products or services. Yet the attribute set is slightly various on a job board and thus the requirements will certainly vary. In addition, some P2P industries are also job boards – for example, Upwork – though these are typically focused on freelancers as opposed to full time employment.

Job boards supply services to companies and also workers alike. So when you develop a job board website, you’ll need to think of two sets of functions for two customer groups as well as an admin panel for yourself.

Monetization Strategies for Job Boards

Charging companies is one of the most common and also most uncomplicated approach of monetizing a job board.

After all, these businesses would not be looking to invest in a brand-new hire if there weren’t some critical goal that needs to be met. So they’re most likely going to pay for having access to certified candidates and to make sure that open position can be filled as rapidly as possible.

Charging for Job Postings

Job posting charges are definitely the most typical technique of generating income from a job board. 60% of job boards count on job postings as their only source of revenue.

Employers commonly pay to work detailed for a particular period, commonly 1 month. The quantity you can sensibly charge for a listing varies commonly depending upon the specific niche you’ve targeted. You can additionally provide an additional upsell by having options for both typical task messages, along with featured listings.

Charging for Access to Résumés

Another common resource of task board earnings is paid accessibility to work seeker résumés.

Depending upon the market you operate in, you may be able to charge a regular monthly charge to companies in exchange for accessibility to your data source of résumés and candidate get in touch with details.

This strategy should just be used by well established job boards, as you’ll need to have several thousand résumés readily available prior to you’re offering sufficient value to charge for this. Nonetheless, as soon as you have actually collected sufficient users, résumés access can usually generate a number of hundred bucks each month for each employer who is subscribed.

Job Backfill Providers

If you’re getting started your work board and don’t have several listings yet, job backfill is an excellent option to obtain some traction. This will enable you to populate your website with listings from Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Job2Careers and also various other large platforms.

You are basically operating as an affiliate in this model and will gain a compensation from the job aggregator every time a work applicant clicks through to the listing or makes an application for the job.

Some job board proprietors make thousands every month from backfill jobs alone.

Many job board systems are already incorporated with job aggregators, so you just need to sign up and enable the integration.

Further below we have listed several pages where you can sign up and begin uploading backfill listings.

Monetization through Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one the easiest means to begin monetizing your site, if not the most successful. Your revenues are heavily depending on the volume of website traffic to your website, as well as the number of people who click the advertisements.

While numerous websites use this monetization method, you must bear in mind that putting way too many ads on your site will certainly harm your brand as well as the looks of your site.

Monetization through Banners

One more usual monetization approach is putting banner advertisements on your site including product or services related to your particular niche, or companies that would like to have additional exposure on your website.

Again, you need to beware not to position too many ads on your website, as this can hurt the reputation of your brand name and the look of your site.

What is the best monetization method for a job board?

In many cases, your key source of revenue as a job board owner will certainly be job postings. Nevertheless, there are lots of other sources of monetization you can apply to expand your bottom line and diversify your revenue streams.

While billing work applicants is far less common than charging companies, it can certainly be a viable resource of income too, particularly in highly competitive markets. We suggest meticulously reviewing the specific niches you serve and thinking of some means you may apply to generate additional revenue.

Try out various methods to see which resonates best with the particular niches you’re targeting. You can constantly remove any of the methods if it doesn’t produce satisfactory results, but you’ll never ever know till you test it.

Job Board Software and Plugins

SolutionStarting Price
JobThread Publisherfree
(50% revenue share)
(20% revenue share)

HiringOpps Job Board Software Pricing

HiringOpps is a job board platform with a professional look and advanced user capabilities that really make your website stand out. HiringOpps allows you to import jobs with CSV, XML Feed, or scraping employers as well as backfill your job search results with vendors such as ZipRecruiter and Juju to maximize your revenue. The price for HiringOpps starts at $199 per month for 1 Team Member and $299 per months for 3 Team Members. Pricing Plans is a hosted soltion by ZipRecruiter, Inc. and allows you to start your own job board in just 30 seconds, with no installation, coding or servers required. handles all the technical elements so you can focus on growing your job board. works with, ZipRecruiter, Talroo, JobG8, Multiposting and BroadBean. Pricing starts at $249/month for 1 Team Member and $449/month for 2 Team Members.

JobMount Pricing

JobMount by AspenTechLabs is available as Hosted and Standalone version. Both have an initial activation fee (one-time) of $4,950 and the Hosted solution has an ongoing monthly fee for hosting & support of $325 per month ($975 pre-paid quarterly). To get the full source code for hosting and editing source code a one-time fee of $9,500 is charged. Discounts apply if multiple job boards are being built/launched by one customer.

Job Board Software Pricing is developed by EXENZO, a company from Breda in the Netherlands that offers Recruitment Software Tools. After many years of running their own network of job boards EXENZO has taken all their knowledge and experience and created the most flexible, easy to use, robust job board platform for you to make your plan a reality, today and future proof! You can manually add jobs or create fully automated listings via XML feed, API or Multi-poster. Pricing starts at 250 Euro per month for 1000 active jobs and 1000 active candidates. You can see a demo on

JOBIQO Pricing request

The jobiqo GmbH is an Austrian company which offers the JOBIQO’s flexible job board software and AI based matching technology. The JOBIQO Professional edition covers the core features for a successful job board. If you are looking to grow your business, Enterprise features can be added individually. The hosted solution allows you to boost organic reach through responsive design, fast download speeds, multiple languages and SEO features, like Google for Jobs. Pricing is only available on request.

JobThread Publisher Pricing

JobThread Publisher is a free, full service hosted job board with no hosting, software, or technical maintenance required. Publisher is full of features, customizable, and allows you to become part of the JobThread Network (optional). JobThread Publisher is offered on a revenue share basis. You choose how much you want to charge people to post jobs on your site and you share the revenue 50% – 50% with JobThread. You can decide how much to charge for members/visitors to post jobs to your site (anywhere from $5 to $1000 per posting, or even free). JobThread Publisher handles all payment processing for you. Nothing to setup. Your site can accept credit card payments and payments via PayPal.

RoleUp Free job board

Roleup is another 100% free job board. All the features are free. There is no cost to start a job board and no cost to use it later. Roleup makes money when you make money. If you make employers pay to post their offers, they take a cut (20%) on what employers pay.

Smartjobboard Pricing

Headquarterd in Nevada, USA (registered as Keen Steps Inc.) and founded in 2008, SmartJobBoard is now a complete platform that allows anyone to start and grow a job board. More than 2000 job board owners around the world trust SmartJobBoard to power their websites. Enterprise-grade cloud hosting ensures that your job board site will load quickly and reliably for customers anywhere in the world. SmartJobBoard even provides an SSL certificate at no cost. You can easily integrate and display jobs from aggregators such as Indeed, ZipRecruiters and Talroo.

The Zapier Integration and the SmartJobBoard API allows your developers to integrate your job board with 3rd party platforms. It gives you access to the main job board data such as jobs, resumes, employers, job seekers, and orders. Furthermore on the Enterprise plan you can send your jobs to Appcast for distribution in their network of job boards.

Pricing starts at $349/mo or $299/mo billed annually for the Premium Plan with up to 10,000 jobs and 5 XML feeds.

Job Backfill APIs for Publishers

If you are looking for job data in CSV format with normalized location, job title and language fields, deduplication of jobs posted on multiple job boards the JobsPikr API might be an interesting option. They cover job listings from United States, United Kingdom, India, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong among many more countries from all the prominent geographies.

How to Make More Money With Your Job Board

Generalist job boards that handle all types of jobs on a nationwide or international level have the most competitors. Not having a niche makes it actually hard to stick out when it pertains to your marketing, your SEO, and your general value proposal to customers. If you anticipate somebody to look for “jobs” and find you on the very first page of search engine results next to Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, Glassdoor, Craigslist, Facebook, and other huge established job boards, you’re going to have a long, costly, and hard road ahead of you.

If you narrow your job board’s focus, it’s much easier to get traction with employers and prospects within that specific niche. As an example, instead of health care jobs across Canada, you may concentrate on roles which are underserved by job boards or ones which remain in high need from companies.

When you discover success within your narrower specific niche, it’s a lot simpler to expand to different geographical areas or to consist of a wider range of jobs due to the fact that you have actually shown already proven yourself in one location.

If churning out amazing blog posts, infographics, and videos regularly is too extreme or beyond your methods, begin with a few great landing pages and resources to add content relevant to your niche. Go for a couple blog posts a month highlighting and linking to the current jobs, as well as posts covering news and events that are relevant to the candidates and employers your job board focuses on.

With a concentrated niche, excellent content, and great jobs, your job board has the building blocks for growing income. But you need to really be selling something, and it needs to be valuable.

If you have got good applicants and companies who want to hire them, your line of services and products do not need to be all that complicated. However often your customers require more assistance than simply reaching the right prospects and accessing your job board’s recruiting and hiring tools. That’s why more and more we’re seeing niche job boards that offer recruiting services like shortlisting and screening of prospects, or recruitment marketing plans that consist of writing and enhancing job posts.

Find out where in the hiring and recruiting process your clients are struggling, and address it with tools and services to match your basic items.

With a niche focus, your sales and marketing team will have an easier time reaching the right people. With prospects heading to your job board for the content and tasks that intrigue them, and companies signing up to reach those candidates through the problem-solving services and products you offer, you’re in an excellent position to scale up and make more cash.

To be effective, it’s great to both examine your existing methods and explore brand-new choices. You may discover spending for traffic gets results, but like being dependent on backfills for jobs, relying specifically on paid sources of traffic leaves your job board organization susceptible to changes beyond your control.

Regularly reaching out to existing consumers and candidates should be a crucial pillar of your promotion methods. Your techniques can be a simple mix of content, social networks, and paid marketing, or you might be constantly experimenting with new tools and techniques.

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