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Best Static Hosting Providers for 2022

Lately the benefits of static site generators and flat file CMS have been praised by many bloggers, designers and agencys, all of which are tired of hacked and ...

Graphic Design Automation Tools: Auto generate images for social media, ecommerce and more via API

If you're looking to speed up your design workflow, there are a few Graphic Design Automation (a.k.a Graphic AI) solutions available to do so. If Graphic ...

How to convert photos to pencil sketches and drawings

If you have ever asked yourself how to transform your images into cartoons, pencil sketches or drawings, this short article is for you. We've prepared a ...

The best tools, plugins and APIs to create niche job boards

In this article we will give you a complete overview over the best tools, plugins and APIs to create niche job boards. We will show you which software ...

Discover How To Make Your Web Design Easier

If you hated web design before and just couldn't see why web design was simple for others but not for you, you will be delighted to read about these easy ...

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