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If you’re looking for a way to improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO), you may have heard of something called PBN hosting. PBN stands for private blog network, and it essentially refers to a group of websites that are used to build links back to your main site. While the practice of PBN hosting is often frowned upon by Google and other search engines, there are still many people who swear by its effectiveness.


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PBN Hosting, otherwise known as Private Blog Network Hosting, allows you to host a large number of websites on separate IP addresses and without footprints that could link your sites together.

Most PBN Hosting Providers use several of the most popular Content Delivery Networks to provide customers with premium IP addresses from providers including Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare, StackPath and Verizon – but without the huge amount of technical knowledge that is usually associated with setting up and deploying those services correctly.

In the past, hosting Private Blog Networks across a number of different hosting providers required a lot of hassle to set up and manage. If you go directly to HostGator and Bluehost, then you need to pay 3 years in advance and still end up creating a footprint from cPanel addon domains. In addition, the renewals are even more expensive than the first invoice and getting new IPs is difficult. Plus, there’s still a bunch of data that you need to keep in a spreadsheet somewhere – Bluehost logins, WordPress logins, etc. That’s why using an all in one hosting platform specialized in PBN Hosting is the preferred option for many SEOs.

The thing you need to be aware of, however, is that a PBN is a grey hat SEO technique, so it’s essential to make your sites appear to be as non-connected as possible. You need to make sure that your PBN hosting has no footprints, for example by putting a CDN layer over the top of your site’s hosting masks the main IP address and makes it even safer. Also some PBN Hosting providers don’t allow certain niches like casino, dating and other sensitive niches.

A few PBN Hosting providers also have the option of Done-For-You PBN packages as finding good PBN domains at auctions can be time consuming and difficult if you’ve never done it before. There’s a lot of things to look at, including the quality and source of the backlinks, the previous use of the domain and more. Specialized teams of the PBN Hosting providers can do all of that for you, allowing you to scale your network quicker.

Why Is a PBN Hosting Provider Important?

A PBN hosting provider can handle all of the potential footprints that non-experienced people wouldn’t recognise. The management of these different websites and accounts is all handled through popular CDN and DNS providers to remove any server-side footprints.

There are many regular hosting companies to pick from, but an important thing to keep in mind is that the best PBN hosting providers will make sure that your PBNs are hosted alongside real web sites. A good PBN provider won’t use dedicated IPs that only host other PBNs to make your PBN easy to discover.

If you choose a good PBN Hosting as your hosting provider, you’ll get all of this and the ability to manage everything from one dashboard. This is a practical feature which will save you time and effort.

PBN Hosting Providers with a CDN

A Content Delivery Network is a network of servers all around the world that duplicate the content from your web site in order to present the content to global users as fast as possible.

Some CDN providers also provide extra Web Application Firewall (WAF) security for your sites, in addition to a faster loading time by reducing the number of bad visitors. It will also make Google happy, all of your websites will be hosted on global IP addresses, making your PBN safe. We have selected the best PBN hosting provider for you that will host your PBN on your choice of popular Content Delivery Networks (CDN).

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