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If you are working in the online marketing space, you might be wondering if affiliate networks are worth your time. After all, there are a lot of different players in the space, and it can be hard to keep track of everything. However, affiliate networks can actually be very beneficial for both advertisers and publishers. For advertisers, networks can provide access to a larger pool of potential customers. They can also help to vet publishers and ensure that they are compliant with regulations. For publishers, networks can provide access to a wide range of offers from different advertisers. They can also offer support and guidance on how to best promote those offers.


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What are affiliate networks?

Affiliate networks are platforms that serve as a middle guy in between the publisher (the affiliate) and the advertiser (the merchant). Advertisers develop their affiliate programs on an affiliate network and publishers can search the network to discover programs that they want to promote. The affiliate network functions as a supervisor for both publishers and marketers.

What are affiliate networks?

How do affiliate networks work?

For an affiliate network to work, both advertisers and publishers need to first sign up to the network. When accepted, marketers can include their programs to the network and publishers have instantaneous access to a substantial series of affiliate programs and promotional material.

Publishers can apply to be accepted onto any program they wish to back. Once they have actually been accepted as an affiliate partner with the marketer, they have access to a choice of promotional texts or creatives that can be used across a range of platforms, such as social networks, emails or websites.

The publisher is designated a special publisher ID upon joining the network, which is utilized to track the sales for each program marketed on the affiliate network. The publisher positions the affiliate links across advertising product; when prospective clients click on the link, they are then required to the advertiser’s site to finish their purchase. The ID is tracked by the affiliate network so that the sale can be credited to the publisher. The publishers and marketers can access their control panel at any time and review all elements of the program within the affiliate network’s platform.

Affiliate networks offer professional account management and assessment, supporting both advertisers and publishers to create and nurture partnerships with the goal of growing and optimizing each affiliate program.

What are the advantages of an affiliate network over direct affiliate marketing?

Marketers can directly approach or seek publishers to promote their items, however it is normally more uncomplicated and safe to utilize an affiliate network. An affiliate network handle lots of factors associated with running an affiliate program, leaving you more time to run the other elements of your organization.

Benefits of using an affiliate network include:

1. Managed affiliate service

With so many elements involved in an affiliate program, managing all elements can be intricate. An affiliate network enhances the process by providing account management, technology and end-to-end tracking. It likewise consists of payment and reporting options, resulting in an efficient system that is simple to track, keep track of and fine-tune.

The affiliate network will deal with commission payments to your affiliates. Affiliate networks offering account management are able to support advertisers on their daily reporting to offer insights on performance and industry scenarios along with offer regular benchmarking and sector analyses. Account management groups can use support for overall company strategies and recommend project concepts and suggestions to help attain both business and channel goals for their customers.

Account supervisors can deal with their marketers to assist form working partnerships in the very best interests of both parties, assisting in discussions, campaigns and execution. The network will likewise make sure all tools remain in place to guarantee that it is simple to track and promote your programs through their dedicated user interfaces and control panels. When you join a network, there are no covert extras or additional integrations or licensing fees needed; whatever is attended to you.

This complete service likewise suggests publishers are more likely to trust you and your brand, even if they don’t understand you. The transparent systems in place for tracking and payment offer publishers a level of security and comfort that they will earn money for their efforts.

2. Reliable use of your advertising budget

Advertisers usually pay a commission when a sale is made and this sale will also activate the fee the affiliate network charges, normally called network fee or override. This tends to be based upon a percentage of the sale or commission, dependent on the contract established with each individual advertiser. Nevertheless, the majority of networks can be flexible with the payment design to make sure that the affiliate marketing channel is working in the best method possible. Compare this to other kinds of advertising that require a flat charge to be paid despite result or sales made, or other online channels where payment is per click or impression no matter sales achieved.

Promoting your items through an affiliate network is an effective technique of managing your marketing budget, as updated reporting combined with suggestions from the network can assist to make sure that spending plan is invested in the most effective way possible, in addition to allow routine tracking on spending plan invested throughout the month.

Commission rates can likewise be set at the preliminary established phase and computed against revenue to help handle invest and cost per sale, which enables an advertiser far more control over spending plans throughout the year.

3. Your items are only promoted by approved publishers

Publishers must apply to sign up with affiliate networks and then go through an approval procedure for each private marketer program. Not everyone is accepted, so your offers are only promoted by those publishers the network has actually deemed to be possible excellent partners for the marketers on their platform. Most big affiliate networks have a devoted compliance group who separately checks each affiliate prior to they are allowed to sign up with the network to ensure the quality of our publisher base and the partners you can deal with.

Offering your affiliate program straight requires you to discover suitable publishers to promote your product and method every one separately, which requires time and effort. Advertising on an affiliate network ensures your program shows up to a series of suitable publishers with no further marketing. Affiliate networks likewise have a big directory of active publishers, covering a range of markets. Every publisher has their own special experiences and skills, which you can tap into and take advantage of.

4. Sales tracking all in one location

Affiliate networks provide you with a comprehensive dashboard that enables you to easily track impressions, clicks, conversions and, most significantly, your sales and earnings for which you can create reports at any given time. You can keep an eye on which publishers are the most effective as well as what campaigns are performing well. This permits you to enhance your affiliate marketing quickly rather than having to integrate different reports and examining them, saving you important time.

5. Compliance monitoring is part of the service

Publishers will need to adhere to the conditions of your affiliate program and the network’s terms, which will likewise lay out any inappropriate, immoral or unethical behavior. When handling publishers directly it can be difficult to spot such behavior till in the future in the process, however affiliate networks have large experience in discovering suspicious activity and doing something about it. Their proficiency enables them to acknowledge problems prior to they end up being a major issue, along with deal with them rapidly and efficiently.

Affiliate networks likewise put procedures in place to prevent unethical practices, consisting of vetting all publishers and implementation of network user arrangements and a code of conduct, offering you peace of mind and defense against less meticulous publishers.

6. Use social influencers

Influencer marketing is a growing pattern and more customers are looking to construct relationships with online marketers they know and trust. Forward-thinking affiliate networks work carefully with a series of social influencers who can help enhance your brand name, extending the partnerships offered through the affiliate channel. Constructing a relationship with influencers typically takes time, however as a marketer with the affiliate network you have instant access to these influencers.

7. Supplies fast ROI

Roi is a crucial element of your marketing ventures but can take a while to determine with some marketing techniques. By using an affiliate network, you are leveraging the power of existing processes and systems to return a profit far quicker than if you handled publishers yourself. With the management systems you require already in place, the design negates the need to spend time establishing and checking them. This accelerate the process, allowing you to see results quicker.

8. Lower personnel overheads

Your affiliate network will normally appoint you a professional and dedicated account manager to supervise your program, deal with the daily running of the program and assist you as essential (service-level reliant). The affiliate network manages the tracking and payments systems for you while your publishers promote your product. There are also skilled support groups in place to aid with any technical issues. With this team in place, this helps to reduce the in-house assistance you ‘d need to totally handle a direct affiliate program.

9. Brand name awareness

Every visitor sent out to your e-commerce site by a publisher provides you with an opportunity to construct a new relationship. Affiliate networks have a big global reach with publishers worldwide, offering you a chance to grow your brand name across a broad area and several markets. For every publisher that promotes your products, you’re increasing your brand name exposure to brand-new markets and previously untapped audiences.

It’s also simple to maintain your brand name identity through affiliate networks by uploading your logo designs and creatives that are related to your brand for your publishers to utilize. This then helps to ensure consistency. Brand name standards can also be consisted of and shared with publishers to guarantee that your brand, logo design and representation are being depicted in properly.

10. It works

With 81% of brand names embracing affiliate marketing, it’s clear that this marketing channel is still growing in appeal despite routine claims from throughout the digital market that it’s slowly passing away. Global Method Director Kevin Edwards addresses this notion, but it’s clear that a market responsible for 16% of e-commerce sales with an annual projected development rate of 10% is as strong as ever. The market now has more than twenty years of data to support the basic reality that affiliate marketing by means of a dedicated network is a lucrative endeavor.


There’s no doubt that affiliate networks supply an effective marketplace for advertisers to look for authorized publishers to promote their products. They likewise use a streamlined service model for managing projects quickly and without tension. Using a global affiliate network is comparable to contracting out work to freelancers or contractors, allowing you to use an experienced network of skilled experts without needing to utilize a group in home.

Affiliate networks provide a communication channel that is based on trust and permits collaborations and relationships to be developed. This is critical to the speed in which sales and return on investment can be made, which provides affiliate marketing an essential USP and sets the industry aside from lots of other marketing channels.

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