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If you choose LaunchCDN, you’ll be able to scale your PBN quickly. LaunchCDN has a built in WordPress installer and one click WordPress login from inside your account, as well as making it simple with one payment per month.

You have to be aware that SEO hosting and PBN hosting are two different terms with different meanings. Through SEO hosting, your website will be hosted on different class C IP addresses. Traditional SEO Hosting is very risky and a type of hosting plan that isn’t recommended. Modern PBN hosting solutions like LaunchCDN use infrastructure from a number of providers to protect your sites so you can focus on growing the number of sites in your PBN.

What’s the benefit of LaunchCDN PBN Hosting?

Often people have a large Private Blog Network consisting of 100’s or 1000’s of PBN sites. Managing all of these PBN sites can become incredibly time intensive, you have to constantly manage the PBN hosting accounts as well as making sure your PBN domains don’t expire. Sometimes people opt to find a large number of cheap hosting companies from Web Hosting Talk and manage all of their PBN hosting across hundreds of accounts, but this causes a huge management headache and often results in extended downtime as cheap hosts disappear frequently or have ongoing server issues.

The next solution they’ll try is finding a number of shared hosting plans from bigger providers like HostGator and Bluehost. Purchasing and managing each hosting plan becomes problematic in terms of ensuring that you get unique IPs for each account, it creates a footprint from cPanel addon domains and very costly, if done correctly with only one site per hosting account, it costs around 5-10x the amount of our PBN hosting solution.

How Does LaunchCDN Hosting Keep My Sites Safe?

Many services don’t use Content Delivery Networks to help hide your network, we have this extra layer of protection so the IP address for your site is different depending on the location it’s accessed from.

The CDN hosting providers we use have a huge amount of IP addresses in the hundreds of thousands, so your PBN sites will be hosted on the same IPs as a large number of regular websites. At LaunchCDN, the hosting is set up in a way so there are zero footprints. Other services who claim to use Cloud Hosting Providers actually create a huge footprint as they are using VPS servers, which means your PBN is hosted on an IP address which only consists of PBNs and creates a bad IP neighborhood.

LaunchCDN PBN Hosting Pricing

LaunchCDN - PBN Hosting Pricing

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