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TransIP offers Web Hosting to launch lightning fast websites. Linux-containers and a central firewall secure each website. Load-balancers ensure optimal distribution of traffic. Their hosting platform is built for burst capacity. Prices start at € 2,99/month*** for 1 Database, 5 Email boxes, 10 GB disk space. (*** The first 3 months € 2,99, normally € 5,99/month).

All websites come with free automatic SSL certificates for your domain and all your subdomains. They make a backup of your website every day. Through your control panel, you can roll back up to 10 days.

At TransIP everyone is tech. Their helpdesk is manned by tech-specialists that answer your questions within 60 minutes. Even on weekends.​

Other Hosting Options at TransIP:

Email Only – Create a unique email address with your own domain.

WordPress Hosting – Build a superfast WordPress website effortlessly.

BladeVPS PureSSD

Your VPS is immediately delivered in one of the two TransIP availability zones in Amsterdam (AMS0) or Delft (RTM0). An availability zone is a separate data centre that has its own power supply (2N) and its own network. Availability zones can operate completely independent of each other. The two TransIP zones (AMS0 and RTM0) are connected by means of an encrypted 200Gb/s backbone connection.

The TransIP network

The TransIP core- and edge network is divided over their own availability zones and the two satellite locations Interxion and GlobalSwitch. Through these four locations, TransIP is connected to their peering and transit providers. The availability zones can operate completely independently of each other, but at the same time they can use each other’s providers.

Traffic enters your VPS via the TransIP redundant core network. The hypervisor, on which your VPS is hosted, has a 20Gb/s (2×10) connection with their IP fabric network which is based on the BGP routing protocol. TransIP uses VXLAN for the private network connections.

Private network on TransIP

You can create your own Layer 2 network between your VPSs by using a private network. This allows you to enjoy unlimited data traffic over your private network. A private network is ideal if you do not want information to pass over the public internet. It is also possible to connect VPSs in the different availability zones in a private network.

About TransIP

TransIP is part of the brand family. You might not have heard about, which makes sense, because they are recently born from three customer obsessed European hosting partners: Combell Group, TransIP Group and Register Group. They live in ten European countries and act under several brand names – with a bloodline that represents total commitment to their customers.

Team Blue Hosting Brands

Team Blue Hosting Brands

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