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Webhook provides static site reliability with a cutting edge, real-time CMS that builds itself. Webhook builds static websites. That means your sites are delivered as fast as possible to the people requesting it. There’s not a complex rendering and caching layer that can break down when you get lots of traffic.

Unlike other static systems Webhook stores your data in a Firebase, which gives you real-time access to the data so that you can call it at anytime. Webhooks even provided API endpoints so you can trigger remote builds or insert data immediately from a third-party.

Webhook allows for complex data relationships. The forms you create can be linked together through relations. This allows you to build IMDB-style sites. Relate a person to a movie (as an “actor”) and you can now grab that data on either side of the relationship. The created relations are aware of each other too. Delete a person from your movie form and it’ll delete that movie from the person as well.

Webhook is a stable codebase that doesn’t change too often. It is available open source on Github.

Provided at an extremely low price, the hosted product is provided as-is and without dedicated support. $9 hosting covers 25GB monthly bandwidth, with pay as you go $0.15 / per GB afterwards. That’s essentially 250,000 pageviews a month. Likely, any problems you run into are template related and have already been answered on our forums.

Website: https://www.webhook.com/

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