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Webhook CMS was a revolutionary real-time content management system that made it easy and efficient to create and manage static websites. It allowed your sites to be delivered lightning fast, without the need of a complex rendering and caching layer that can become overwhelmed when traffic increases. Unfortunately, the Webhook website is no longer online. Here are four reasons why Webhook CMS was a game-changer:

1. A cutting-edge approach to website creation and management.
2. An innovative way to deliver content quickly and reliably.
3. No need for a complex rendering and caching layer.
4. Easy to use for people of all skill levels.

Unlike other static systems Webhook was storing your data in Firebase, which gave you real-time access to the data so that you can call it at anytime. Webhooks even provided API endpoints so you can trigger remote builds or insert data immediately from a third-party.

What really sets Webhook apart from other static site systems is its ability to create complex data relationships. You can link forms together with relations, allowing you to build IMDB-style sites. For instance, you can link a person to a movie as an ‘actor’ and then grab that data from either side of the relationship. Plus, the created relationships are aware of each other, so if you delete a person from your movie form, it will also delete that movie from the person’s form.

Webhook also had a stable codebase that didn’t change too often, and it is still available open source on Github. And, best of all, the service was provided at an extremely low price, with $9 hosting covering 25GB of monthly bandwidth, and pay-as-you-go for anything over that at $0.15/GB. That was enough for 250,000 pageviews a month, so you didn’t have to worry about getting stuck with unexpected fees. Plus there was a Webhook CMS forum to help you out if you run into any template issues.

In short, Webhook CMS was an efficient, reliable and easy-to-use content management system that offers a unique way to create and manage static websites. With its complex data relationship features and affordable pricing, it was a great choice for those looking to build a website without breaking the bank.

– Fast delivery of static websites with reliable performance
– Allows for complex data relationships and IMDB-style sites
– Hosted product provided at an extremely low price

– Website is now offline
– No dedicated support


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