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Appernetic allows you to build faster and more secure websites, it is the bridge between the simplicity of static websites and user-friendliness of CMS (content management system) authoring interfaces.

Appernetic is a new website builder that promises to make it easier and faster to build secure, static websites. With Appernetic, there is no need to worry about server-side security vulnerabilities or performance issues associated with dynamic websites. Appernetic also offers a number of features that makes it easy to manage content, including a WYSIWYG editor, visual content tree view, and theme management. In addition, Appernetic offers version control and social collaboration features that make it easy to work with others on your website.

Appernetic Features:

  • Always faster than a dynamic site.
  • Easily upload and manage images with Cloudinary CDN.
  • Easy to use WYSIWYG editor and visual content tree view.
  • Theme management and over 110 themes.
  • Version control and social collaboration.
  • Hosting with SSL and your own domain name.

Freemium Pricing:

Use the free cloud-based CMS (content management system) version with a limit of 14 publishings each week or upgrade to have all limitations removed. Pay what you can afford or think it is worth, from 0.5 USD to 20.5 USD and support Appernetic’s work and development.


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