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NameBright is a new domain name registrar created by the team at TurnCommerce, one of the largest domain portfolio holders with over 1 million domain names. The registrar has the potential to attract some of the top domain investors that require tools such as account delegation and portfolio management, as well as smaller domain investors looking for a simple user interface and low pricing.

NameBright was created with the needs of domain investors in mind, and it shows in the features and functionality that they offer. In particular, account delegation will be a key selling point for larger investors with multiple portfolios to manage. Overall, NameBright has the potential to shake up the domain registrar industry, and it will be interesting to see how they fare in the long term.

NameBright Domain Management Features

If you’re a domain investor with a large portfolio, then you know how important it is to be able to delegate authority and manage your domains efficiently. NameBright was created with that need in mind, and it shows in the features that they offer. In particular, account delegation is a key selling point for larger investors. With NameBright, you can create Linked Accounts with other users and specify exactly what they’re allowed to do. For example, you can allow them to initiate inbound transfers but not outbound. This is a huge selling point for those who want to delegate authority but still maintain control over their portfolios.

In addition to providing a user-friendly platform for buying and selling domains, NameBright also offers several features that are designed to make life easier for domainers. For instance, the “Portfolios” feature allows users to manage their domains more efficiently, while the fast domain changes make it easy to change forwarding on multiple domains at once.

Whois counters are also a helpful tool for keeping track of how often people search for your domains in whois, and email management makes it easy to stay on top of communications for your entire portfolio.

With these handy features, NameBright is changing the way domainers do business. So if you’re looking for a domain registrar that can accommodate your needs as a domain investor, then be sure to check out NameBright.


What are some Pros and Cons of NameBright?

NameBright is a popular domain name registrar, but it has some cons. One of the biggest cons is that it only allows com, net, and org registrations. This can be limiting for businesses or individuals who want to register a different type of domain.

Another potential downside is that Whois Protection is only free for the first year; after that, you’ll need to pay an annual fee to keep your contact information private.

However, there are some pros to NameBright as well. One of the biggest pros is that it offers competitive pricing on domains. Additionally, NameBright provides good customer support and has good security features.

According to a Domain Name Wire survey, security is the number one concern for people when choosing a domain name registrar. This makes sense, as registrars are responsible for safeguarding your valuable online assets. NameBright offers optional two-factor authentication to help protect your account, and they also track every change made to a domain name. This level of scrutiny helps to ensure that your domains are safe and secure.

If you’re looking for a registrar that will take security seriously, NameBright is a great choice.


NameBright Pricing

One of the great things about NameBright is their ‘at cost’ pricing structure for domain names. This means that you only pay what they pay to the registries, so you can get some great deals on your domain registration fees.

To get ‘at cost’ pricing, customers must pre-fund their account via wire transfer or check prior to purchasing domains. NameBright is a good choice for customers who are looking for low-cost registration for .com and .net domains.

NameBright Pricing


NameBright ‘At Cost’ Pricing Domain Discount Program

NameBright is a domain name registrar that promises to deliver the lowest registration fees possible by working with the top registries. Their ‘at cost’ pricing reflects the actual costs of the registry, ICANN fees, and credit card processing fees. This means that you pay the same price per year for each domain as NameBright does.

For example, the regular price for a .COM domain is $9.07/yr. but with NameBright’s ‘at cost’ pricing, you only pay $8.57/yr. A .NET domain would normally cost $10.50/yr. but with NameBright, you only pay $9.95/yr., saving you $0.55/yr.

Pre-funding your account is simple: just open the My Account tab, click on the My Settings sub-tab, click on the Billing Tab, and click “Add Funds”. Then, from the ‘Add Funds to My Account’ dropdown menu, select the amount you would like to add to your account balance. Once you have added funds to your account, you will be able to purchase .com and .net domains at the lower “at cost” pricing.

Overall, NameBright seems like a registrar that is worth considering if you’re looking to save some money on your domain registration fees!


NameBright Reviews across the Web

Visit any popular review site on the web and you’re bound to find at least a few NameBright reviews. The vast majority of these reviews are positive, with customers lauding the company’s ease of use, competitive pricing, and great customer service.

A few negative reviews can be found, but they are typically from users who had problems with their DNS settings or were attempting to use the service for something it wasn’t meant for. Overall, NameBright seems to be a hit with customers, offering an affordable and user-friendly solution for those in need of a reliable domain name registrar.


NameBright Statistics and Domains Under Management

At the time of writing NameBright is a registrar that works with 7 TLDs and has a global market share of 0.70%. They have 4,245,291 registered domains and signed zones for 222 of them. 8,308 domain names are scheduled for deletion (0.20% of their total). Their Registrar ID assigned by ICANN (IANA ID) is 1441.

Some people might find it concerning that such a high percentage of their domains are scheduled for deletion but it’s actually not uncommon. When a domain name expires, the registrar has to wait a certain number of days before they can delete it. This gives the owner time to renew it. NameBright is actually on the low end when it comes to the percentage of domains scheduled for deletion.

More information can be obtained by visiting the Domain Name Stat website.

Domain Name Registrars List - Domain Name Stat


Click here to visit the NameBright website.

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